INTO OUR HANDS: The Flaming Lips Space Oddity

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INTO OUR HANDS: The Flaming Lips Space Oddity

Since theres been some free time in between projects and its sadly starting to get cold outside again in NY, we decided to start a new project called Into Our Hands which means taking designs from out in the world that we either not satisfied with our doesn’t exist and create how we envision it to be better (at least to us). And since we love designing covers, expect more to come…

Here’s our take on the single cover of Flaming Lips Space Oddity:

We started like this…

But it didnt feel enough like the Flaming Lips, so we got groovy with it

Its not that we’re totally outraged with the official cover, but we feel like the simple shape illustration style doesnt quite translate the sound and all the sonic textures.


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