that mighty fine New Orleans sound with a touch of soul

Client: Richard Rourke & The Voodoo Collective
Disciplines: Package Design, Illustration

Richard Rourke and The Voodoo Collective is a funk and soul band coming in hot from New Orleans, a bright spark from the new generation of NOLA multi versed musicians. We got contacted by the band manager Johnny Andrade who described “we got some sounds ready to blow minds off, we need you to give it some visual flavor”. Sure enough, every track from that first second to the last was straight dynamite. After a good amount of debating on a direction, the idea was to represent the vintage sound with a contemporary twist. After some time working on some options they decided to go with one of our collages. From there it was a matter to add some typography love and color setting.

The result is a an album that been heard to be turning heads, and we’re couldn’t be more proud to be part of the story of this amazing promising band.

*We also did some lettering work for shirts and promo material, you can check it here:

DESIGN: Thunder + Light